Seizing the opportunities and navigating the pitfalls of raising the next generation into leaders we can count on

While it is easy to feel powerless, we aren’t. In fact, we have THE most important and powerful job there is - raising the next generation of leaders, of citizens, of people that can change the world.


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Navigating today’s political climate can be exhausting, and doing so while raising kids can feel overwhelming…and utterly impossible at times. We don’t have the luxury of putting our head in the sand, as our jobs are big. Raising the change takes work, and we’re here to make it easier with resources, insight, and camaraderie. If nothing else, we want you to know you are not alone in this, and that together - little by little - we can raise our kids to be better and do better, bringing positive change as they grow. @raisethechange

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October 25, 2018 Newsletter

“We want to change the conversation from one of despair and hopelessness to one of opportunity and promise. We hope to do this by finding and highlighting the stories, the individuals, and the products that do just that.” 

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